The Only Massager That Relieves Knee Pain With Lasting Effect

Don’t let chronic knee pain slow you down. Enjoy young knees again no matter your age.

Knee Massager For Lasting Pain Relief

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If you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis or knee pain and you’ve tried everything but nothing works—read on to discover the real solution…



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Knee pain, injuries, and stiffness are common. But with the help of Kneepro, they don’t have to be permanent. The highly effective combination of vibration massage + heat therapy combined with red light therapy helps increase blood flow to your knees, improving chronic conditions and occasional pain & soreness alike. (Plus…it feels great.)

What Can Knee Massager Help You With?


Get Knee Massager and Feel The Real Difference

Don't Let Knee Pain Control Your Life

Fast and Effective Way To Alleviate Knee Pain Without Surgery

If you are reading this chances are you are someone who suffers from knee pain and want to have your old pain free life back… able to run with the kids, go on your favorite hikes, and lead an active life without the constant worry of your knee flaring up putting you out of commission and resigning you to an icepack and the couch.

That is exactly why we created the Knee Unlock Pro – Knee Massager With Heat . So you can find a way to not only relieve chronic knee pain, but deeply heal the injuries caused from wear and tear and get your young knees back… without emptying your pockets on high end massages or physiotherapists.
Don’t let chronic knee pain slow you down. Enjoy young knees again no matter your age.

Why Choose The Knee Massager?

When you feel the onset of knee pain or stiffness just strap on the knee massager machine and feel your pain melt away with the soothing heat.
Save yourself the trips and added expenses of working with a massage therapist or physiotherapist, getting all the benefits from your own home with only a one time payment!
Originally meant for the knee, but you can use the device on any joint that needs some extra tender loving care. Your personal in-home physical therapist.

Who Is It For?

The Knee Massager pain relief device is perfect for:
If you know someone else suffering from knee pain, it also makes the perfect gift!

How Does It Work?

The combination of vibrational massage and laser/infrared heat breaks down and flushes out old scar tissue.This supercharges your body’s innate healing abilities, while reducing inflammation via the redlight feature.This all in one healing machine brings you:
If you are someone with chronic joint pain, especially in the knees, you will notice this pain evaporates with prolonged use of the knee massager with heat. Just strap it on, turn on, and relax into the soothing vibrational heat.


Heating and massage are wonderful ways to relieve arthritis and swelling. Our electric brace provides a powerful vibratory massage as well as a comfortable warm-up, which aids in the reduction of joint pain, muscle stiffness, and joint swelling.


You can move around while the soothing heat relieves aches and pains thanks to a 2000mAh rechargeable battery inside. When turned on after a full charge, it heats up quickly and the temperature is very mild, not burning your skin like traditional heating pads.


The portable wrapping massager’s ergonomic and compact design perfectly adapts to the shape of the knee, shoulder, and elbow joint. The knee brace is secure. Velcro closure and loop strap make it simple to keep the wrap in the proper position for heat therapy.


Massage, heat, and time modes are all controlled separately by three buttons. The heating and vibration massage modes can be used together or separately. You have three time limits to choose from: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.


A lightweight neoprene knee brace with a comfortable fit. Ideal for mothers, fathers, men, women, parents, and friends. The electric heated brace is exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day. This is far more effective than using a heating pad on your knees.



Osteoarthritis is commonly caused by inflammation in the joints. Intermittent compression therapy is often used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Air compression promotes circulation through the joints, while consistent, penetrating heat compression improves the efficacy of the therapy.


Joint stiffness may arise from various causes such as wear-and-tear or past injuries. Thermal Heating compression and vibration used in conjunction can provide soothing pain and stiffness relief by loosening up the joint ligaments and tendons, for improved flexibility and mobility.


Poor circulation can lead to swollen joints and limbs. Circulation can be improved through powerful air compression massage, which encourages blood flow and fluid exchange. Heat therapy is also effective in providing relief from swelling in the joints and limbs.

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This really works. We bought two. It helped my knee enough after one session that I loaned it to a friend to try on her serious knee and shoulder issues. Then my son hurt his shoulder. He used our remaining machine.
Tolani B.
Surulere, Lagos
I feel this little machine is helping me feel less knee pain. I am a dance teacher and have had knee problems for a while now. I use this in the evenings and see a significant improvement in how a I feel the next day. I would highly recommend.
Folashade A.
Ikoyi, Lagos
I bought it to alleviate my knee pain. I like the different settings for heat and pressure of the massage. While I can tolerate the highest setting of the massage, the level three for the heat setting is too hot, so I keep it at the lowest or medium.
Jide Q.
Many of my family members suffer from chronic knee pain and they enjoyed this product. This knee massager is extremely elegant and well made. It’s completely wireless and has good battery life.
Uche S.
Ikeja, Lagos
This massager works really great. I use it on our elbows and shoulders as well and it feels great. We've notice much better movement after using especially with the heat.
Fatima S.
Warri, Delta
Great support for knee Very easy to use. Can be used in multiple modes Very good vibration and earth settings Did not use it anywhere else other than knew but can be used for any bone joints Compact so easy to carry during travel
Effiong D.
Port Harcout, Rivers


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