Stop doing sit-ups !

When it comes to exercising abdominal muscles, many small partners will do sit-ups. It seems that this action has become the standard for training abdominal muscles and vest line.

Ren Ma Niu used to think so, and gave herself a rule of 100 per day, and later it rose to 120. Who knew that the vest line had not been trained, and her cervical spine had been injured.

What is the reason for this?

On July 20, 2016, Harvard Medical School published a research report on sit-ups- “Want a stronger core? Skip the sit-ups”, admonishing everyone to stop doing sit-ups!

Usually, if you want to practice the vest line, the abdominal strength is basically insufficient, and the “supine position” with the hands holding the head will put a lot of external force on the cervical spine and neck soft tissues, which can easily cause muscle and ligament strains.