Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This BP Monitor helps you Stay healthy and get reliable blood pressure measurements

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The amazing part is that getting this personal BP Monitor saves you the time to travel to the hospital and the money to be paid for regular blood pressure checkups.

Product Description

  • This smart wrist blood monitor is for the maintenance of good health and the prevention of ill health, this Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to be worn on the wrist for the rapid and accurate detection of your blood pressure. 
  • Featuring an oscillometric method with automatic inflation and measurement, this convenient and easy to use wrist blood pressure monitor delivers your heartbeat measurement and boasts an irregular heartbeat detection ability.
  • With the capacity to store up to 90 readings and a large LCD screen for easy interpretation of results, the Blood Pressure Monitor is a must-have for the effective monitoring of your blood pressure in the home environment.

Why is it important to measure blood pressure regularly?

Changes in blood pressure are not always obvious. Many people have had high or low blood pressure for many years. However, significant blood pressure changes can lead to serious illnesses such as heart attack or stroke. In addition, high or low pressure can be a symptom of many diseases. Therefore, it is important to track changes in blood pressure on a daily basis.



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Port Harcout, Rivers


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Most frequent questions and answers

(1) Wearing the wrist cuff improperly
(2) Activities right before taking a measurement
(3) Incorrect body position or moving too much
(4) Timing of taking measurements

It is quite possible that your readings may be different from your upper arm to your wrist as blood pressure varies throughout the human body. All Justlang blood pressure monitors, whether upper arm or wrist, are validated in the same manner and have the same accuracy specifications.

Yes, you will see some differences. This is normal and can occur for many reasons.
Some of the more common reasons as below:
(1) A person’s blood pressure varies throughout the day, so at any given moment your blood pressure can change.
(2) You may have a condition known as “White Coat Hypertension.”&“Masked Hypertension.”

The most common cause of high readings when using a wrist blood pressure monitor is because the user does not have the wrist monitor at heart level. When using a wrist monitor, pleas ensure the device is at heart level when taking a reading. Also note that there may be actual differences between your blood pressure at the upper arm site and the wrist site.

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The product can be charged, and the product uses a Type-c interface charging cable. No longer need to use 2xAA batteries, very environmentally friendly, and you can save your money. You can use a mobile phone charger or an electronic product charger to charge the product.

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