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Bevy Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

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This Boric Acid vaginal suppository balances pH and maintains healthy yeast levels to support a healthy vaginal flora.

What does it do ?

Don’t let embarrassing vaginal odor and discharge ruin your your self-confidence or your relationship. Take control of your health and prevent it before it happens.

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is Yeast Infection getting you down?

Sort it out fast with Bevy Boric Solution – the best solution for vaginal ph balance for women.

This gentle treatment for women contains medical-grade Boric Acid, and it works quickly to restore your comfort and confidence.

Relieve the itch & treat yeast infections

For the Woman Who Has Tried It All: If you’ve spent too much money on solutions that didn’t work and you still have the embarrassing itch and odor of vaginal imbalance, it’s time to try this. Bevy Boric Acid Solution is a proactive suppository that helps prevent the need for messy creams or toxic side effects of medications..

Boric Acid is backed by science. While some alternative products are used for the same purpose, they don’t work as well. Bevy Boric Acid vaginal treatment is proven to reduce discomfort fast.

The treatment effectively stop yeast overgrowth without unnecessary discomfort — so you can care for your body in the kindest way. With easy-to-use vaginal suppositories, you can cure most vaginal yeast infections without a trip to the pharmacy.


Benefits of The Bevy Boric

You know when you are starting to feel off, and may even notice frustrating or embarrassing issues like odor. Don’t despair, use BEVY Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories as needed to help take control and bring vaginal pH back into balance.

1247 Reviews

Have a yeast infection? You’re not alone

Yeast infection is the second most common vaginal infection in women (the first one is bacterial vaginosis). ​​Here are some statistics:

  • About 70-75% of women have a yeast infection at some point in their lives.
  • About 30% of pregnant women have yeast infection at some point during pregnancy. This is more common to occur in the third trimester.
  • And about 8% will have more than four episodes per year, that is, a recurrent or persistent yeast infection


What does a yeast infection look like?

Now let’s take a look at the most common symptoms of a yeast infection:

  • A thick, usually odorless, white vaginal discharge with a cottage cheese-like consistency
  • Vaginal and/or vulvar itching
  • Vaginal and/or vulvar irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Pain during sex or urination

Apart from these physical symptoms, having a yeast infection can also negatively impact quality of life, especially if recurrent. This situation may create stress and anxiety, decrease self-esteem and confidence, and affect partner relationships.

Restore Your Vaginal pH Balance - Fast

Things not right “down there?” Boric Acid for BV your solution to balance vaginal pH to prevent odor and discharge.

Get fast relief from BV, vaginal pH imbalance, and vaginal itching.

Relief in as little as 24 hours or a few days, depending on the situation.

Boric Acid Clears Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are also known as candidiasis or candidal vulvovaginitis. They result from an increased growth of yeast in the vagina, which notoriously causes swelling, irritation, and itching in the area. Other common symptoms include burning and pain when peeing, thick but usually odorless vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese, and pain during sexual activity. 

Boric acid is an alternative treatment that has been used to treat yeast infections for 100 years, and many functional docs recommended it to their patients. Boric acid suppositories are gentle, non-toxic, and -- except for experiencing a little discharge after insertion -- have almost no side effects.

Boric Acid Clears Bacterial Vaginosis

Believe it or not, as many as 1 in 4 women in the U.S. have BV. Many have no symptoms at all, and some mistake their symptoms for another infection -- such as a yeast infection. The most notorious symptom of BV is a foul-smelling, strong fishy odor coming from the vagina. Some ladies also experience burning, itching, or a questionable gray discharge.
Your vaginal pH is so incredibly important for proper vaginal health, and boric acid specifically resets it to keep everything peachy down there -- hence why boric acid suppositories are effective to kick BV to the curb!

Boric Acid Clears Trichomoniasis

Unlike BV and yeast infections, trichomoniasis is an STI caused by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis. Typical symptoms generally include a green or yellow foul-smelling vaginal discharge, genital itching, and pain when urinating and during sex. Trichomoniasis is known to be susceptible to more acidic pH. 

As such, pH-balancing treatments such as boric acid suppositories can be used to keep this unwanted  infection at bay. 

Convenient and Comfortable

– Does not hurt or burn
– Can use even during and after your period
– Can use with an IUD
– Vegan capsules dissolve faster than gelatin
– Restore pH balance for women
– Panties stay clean and dry (unlike with gels and creams)

However, you should not douche or have sex while using any suppositories.

A Trusted Support System for Feminine Health Issues

Our Boric Acid Suppository can help support itching, burning and discomfort.

Boric Acid help support your pH balance to keep them at natural levels.

Healthy pH levels reduce the occurrence of embarrassing issues like odor and discharge.

Natural solutions

for natural problems


Non-GMO ingredients

No artificial fragrances

No flavors or dyes


Many years on the market

How It Works

Helps promote balance & maintain vaginal pH

Supports vaginal odor control

Known for its soothing & moisturizing properties

Directions: How to use

Insert the vaginal suppository using your finger tip. Similar to a tampon, once inserted, you should no longer be able to feel the suppository. Insert one suppository vaginally daily, preferably before bedtime for 7 consecutive days.

If the symptoms persist, repeat for another week. Can be used two (2) times daily if needed.

Use at bedtime is suggested as vaginal suppositories can leak. Use with a panty liner is suggested, especially when used during the day as there may be watery leakage.

Most people require up to 2 weeks of using Bevy Boric to see lasting results


Boric Acid


Methylcellulose Capsule

Aloe vera gel (powder)

Our recommendation

Boric acid has been used for decades as a natural remedy to keep vaginal pH in check. Whether you’re battling an ugly yeast infection, relentless BV, or painful Trichomoniasis, boric acid suppositories can help bring back balance to your delicate flora to kick these pesky infections to the curb.

Real reviews From Real Women!!!

Be among the thousands of satisfied men who completely changed their lives with Diamond Hard Pro!

Immediate relief from a BV infection that had been quite distressing with increasing odour & discharge. Felt emotionally distressed by it. Suppository offered immediate relief of all symptoms. I’m 3 days in & will continue for a week.
Chioma E.
Ikeja, Lagos
I’ve found these boric acid suppositories to be such a holy grail in taking care of my vaginal health and treating any mild infections of thrush. The packaging is very cute and discrete, and I’ve been so impressed at how effective the suppositories are.
Sandra A.
Lekki, Lagos
One of the best products tried, good bye to constant yeast and thrush treatments and anitbiotics. This helped so much with my itchy issue and also made me more wet down below and got my PH back in balance. Hassle free. Amazing service and super fast shipment.
Fatima Q.
BUY NOW!!!! I’ve had issues with BV and then occasional yeast infections right before my period occurs. Using these has saved me!!!!!!! Anytime I do the Nono I pop one right after and I’m good to go. Haven’t had ANY issues since I started using them. They definitely help balance the PH. I’d recommend these specifically
Amaka C.
Ikoyi, Lagos
Trust me when I tell you, THIS WORKS. I’ve had a raging yeast infection since November because I took antibiotics. I decided to give this product a try. They’re super easy to use, i grab one and put it as far up as I can before I go to bed. When I wake up I only have a little bit product discharge on my underwear. I noticed results after the FIRST NIGHT of using them. My yeast is completely gone.
Omolade A.
Ibadan, Oyo
For years I suffered from occasional BV or yeast infections without any remedy until now. Learned about this product from my gynecologist and have had zero problems since I used it. I recommend it to friends and they, too, have had success with it. It’s a game changer.
Tomilola R.
Osogbo, Osun

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

You should feel better during the first three days of treatment, and can continue using the itch cream to relieve symptoms for a total of 7 days. If your discomfort persists, we recommend speaking with your doctor.

It’s possible, so we recommend using a pantyliner during treatment to protect your clothing from stains and to keep you comfortable.

We always recommend speaking with your doctor before using internal or topical yeast infection treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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