It Works! BEVY Braces Aligns Your Teeth, Close Teeth Gaps, Increase Jawline, And Facial Aesthetics Without Costly Dental Expenses!

Bevy Braces - Teeth Straightener & Corrector

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This braces help align teeth, close gaps, and increase jawline and facial aesthetics, even for adults!

It is suitable for a variety of dental deformities such as buck teeth, sunken teeth, irregular teeth, and obvious interdental gaps. Its correction effect is very effective


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Why get this Braces ?

If worn regularly at night, Bevy Braces’ “Tongue Plate” will unconsciously teach you how to hold the tongue at the roof of the mouth and nose-breathe, which has a lot of benefits – Ask any doctor!

Get Braces if you have the following conditions:

What are the benefits of teeth straightening?

The correction process is divided into three stages.

3 stages, Three strengths!

It's time to breathe better, look better, sleep better and live better! Increase life quality and smile with confidence!


Universal Shape

The universal shape makes sure that people with different kinds of dental deformations can wear it.It aligns your teeth while your jaw and face structure are changing due to Bevy Brace pressure, when you are asleep!It's made of strong, yet flexible materials so that your teeth can fit-in and adjust accordingly. It's designed to apply pressure on your jaws and teeth evenly!

Can teeth be straightened at any age? What is the right age for teeth straightening?

Whether you’re 16 or 60, you can go for teeth straightening at any age. The only limitation on age is that young children must have all their permanent teeth before starting orthodontic treatment.Getting your teeth straightened is important not only so you look and feel great, but also so you enjoy good dental health, and avoid health problems and complications due to crooked, and misaligned teeth.

Bevy Braces VS Traditional Braces

While regular orthodontic braces align teeth and treat symptoms, Bevy Braces is supposed to treat the causes of crooked teeth, snoring, and other issues.The causes are mouth/improper breathing, and wrong oral & tongue posture habits.Bevy Braces can work as effectively as any other regular orthodontic in terms of teeth alignment and gap closing.

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The most affordable braces I've found with a lovely, friendly support team. Would definitely recommend, I feel confident smiling! Friends have asked about my braces and I've recommended Bevy Braces every time.
Shade A.
Surulere, Lagos
My teeth had so many little gaps that annoyed me. I came across Bevy Braces on insta, used it inconsistently for 1 month and couldn’t believe when my gaps starting closing!
Chinyere D.
Ikoyi, Lagos
I have been using the D3 brace for like 3 weeks now and I am seeing improvement and out of all the years this year was time for me to make it straight
Daniel B.
I am so happy finally I found this brand. Totally saw the adjustment of my front teeth after I used in three weeks from now. I will recommend to my family and friends and also can give this as a gift.
Ebuka A.
Ikeja, Lagos
I really love the Bevy Braces they are helpful l can see the improvement my front line was crooked now it's getting better, hopefully after using the second and third stage they will be perfect. Thanx to Bevy Braces for returning back my smile
Musa. G
Warri, Delta
I needed to fix my teeth. My brother adviced me to use Bevy Braces. Was on FaceTime with my bestie last night & she couldn't stop telling me how nice my smile was & how she could see a big difference. I'm happy with my purchase so far.
Port Harcout, Rivers

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Most frequent questions and answers
Make sure to brush your teeth before use and wear Bevy Braces™ every night while you’re sleeping. Also, it is recommended to use it for 1 to 4 hours during the day while you study, read, watch TV, use the computer, or work.
Wear Bevy Braces™ every night, during sleep. It is recommended that you wear Bevy Braces™ when you study, read, watch TV, use the computer, or work.D1 (Stage 1) is soft. Wear it every night for 1 to 3 months straight.D2 (Stage 2) is moderate. Wear it every night for 6 to 8 months straight.D3 (Stage 3) is hard. Wear it every night for 5 to 8 months straight.We suggest getting all three stages at once for maximum convenience, efficiency, and the best price.
Yes, we use non-toxic, BPA-free, and phthalate-free materials which are not tested on animals.
Here at Bevy, we stand behind our brand and products. Our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Policy is one of the several reasons people have turned to Bevy™ and continue to leave us 5-star reviews.

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