5 steps to a Facial.

Every woman wants to have a smooth, glowing face. Some go through any length to get this, while some are naturally blessed with it. But whether you have a smooth face naturally or you have to get it yourself,there are basic steps to take to either maintain or gain it. A facial is really important to achieve this and it can be done once a month.

CLEANSE: Always make sure you wash your face with a face wash. do not use harsh soaps, and in the case of skin issues e.g ACNE, you might want to opt for a face wash with salicylic acid, Tea tree extract e.t.c


EXFOLIATE: Scrubs are available in various colors,flavors and textures. For example PURE BODY NATURALS -GRAPEFRUIT SCRUB FOR FACE AND BODY You can also decide on home made scrubs or ready made from stores. it removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the glowy fresh skin beneath.


STEAM: Face steaming is one of the oldest skin routines known. it opens the pores and makes extraction very easy and less painful. Face steaming also helps heat up and kill bacteria on the face and makes the face soft and supple like a baby’s butt.

EXTRACT: Extraction is the process of removing black head from beneath the skin and opening up pores so that skincare products could get into the skin and effectively and work. The extraction pins have to be sterilized and kept neatly so you dont bring germs that can cause breakouts or bigger skin issues.

Extraction Pins

FACE MASK: After all the popping and prodding on the face. A face mask is necessary to relax the face and keep it from redness, also to deposit whatever properties the mask has on the face. it may be rinse off or peel off. There one rule to after your facial. DO NOT apply makeup immediately after a facial.Dr. Rashel black heads peeloff mask.

With these steps, you are sure to blind your enemies with glow all week long to your next facial. Stay glued to this blog as more explosive tips are coming your way.



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