6 reasons for short penis in men?

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Many men complain about the shortness of their penis and want to find a way to deal with this problem effectively. According to a doctor, the way to deal with a short penis is to perform penis extension surgery. Maybe male friends still don’t know why some people have short penis and some people’s penis is normal?

Short penis is caused by the following reasons

1. The genetic element occupies a large share, and the short penis of many male friends is made up of genetics.

2, the mother during pregnancy due to inappropriate medication affecting the secretion of male hormones, the occurrence of congenital shortage, lack of healthy and vigorous machine energy and nutrient elements, constituting congenital dysplasia, resulting in penis.

3. Excessive sex life, physical weakness, or frequent masturbation during adolescent development, make the kidneys have no energy to develop sexual organs during development, forming a short penis.

4. Has suffered from orchitis, cryptorchidism, testicular hypoplasia and other diseases and endocrine imbalance, and lack of male hormones.

5. The foreskin is too long and lacks the necessary space for growth, which hinders the development and growth of the penis.

6. The nutrients of zinc element, male hormone, vitamin E and related protein intake during the development of adolescents are short, and the lack of acquired energy compensates, and it can not play the role of healthy and vigorous sex organs.

What are the damages of a short penis?


The short penis damage is primarily to make these people feel inferior, and the other is that they may not go well in the life of the couple. Therefore, we must deal with the mental inferiority complex by learning sex life skills to increase the shortness of the genitals or extend it through surgery to compensate.


The size of the penis is primarily affected by genetic factors. True male shortness of the penis is more common in congenital, and a few are acquired. Congenital disease has testicular hypoplasia, also known as Klinefelter syndrome. Such patients are tall but short and have small penis. Although the penis can be erected and has normal sexual functions such as libido, ejaculation and nocturnal emission, but because the testicles cannot produce sperm, there are no sperm in the semen, and therefore no fertility. .


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