CeraVe was originally a relatively niche cosmeceutical brand and has been intensively cultivated in North America. A few years ago, it was basically not well-known in China. In the past two years, various beauty bloggers and internet celebrities kept introducing them and gained some fame in China. However, their products do have two brushes. Rather than relying on various gimmicks, L’Oréal bought the popular CeraVe this year, and it is now regarded as a product of Ou Niang’s family.

I knew Cerave about three or four years ago. It does have certain technical content in the field of sensitive skin and moisturizing, and the price is also very approachable. In the past two years, if anyone wants me to recommend products, this brand will definitely be one of them. . Today, I will talk about CeraVe’s entire skin care product line in a comprehensive way, hoping to let more people understand it (throw me some advertising fees).

It is not an exaggeration to say that CeraVe is a niche brand. L’Oréal acquired three brands including CeraVe for only 1.3 billion US dollars. This volume is still a bit disproportionate to its domestic popularity, which may be the reason for its better reputation.

The entire CeraVe product is not too many, mainly divided into cleansing, moisturizing, repair, sunscreen and baby products. It can be seen that the focus of these products is on the basic moisturizing and repairing aspects. The Healing Ointment here is more inclined to ointment, something similar to ointment, and baby products, the most important thing is nothing more than moisturizing, so this brand is still relatively specific.

I will not say much about cleansing products, and the online reviews are also good. If you are interested, you can find a representative to buy it and try it (the biggest problem with this brand is that it is difficult to buy in China).

In terms of moisturizing products, it can be seen that product types are distinguished mainly by different color systems, and it is also very convenient for consumers to find them.


Blue series: The most classic moisturizing line, with hyaluronic acid and ceramide as the main active ingredients, basically suitable for all skin types, and the formula structure is very simple, reducing the risk of sensitization, and there is no messy extract. A large jar of a pound of moisturizing cream is less than 200 yuan, suitable for the whole family.

There is also a more famous product in this series, the dark blue lotion, which is mainly used for night restoration. It should be regarded as an Internet celebrity in China. This product adds a relatively high content of niacinamide on the basis of the original moisturizer, so it can whiten the skin at the same time. I have tried this product myself. Except for some oils, the others are basically good. It should be in winter. more suitable.


For the rough skin of Americans, CeraVe also has a light blue series that focuses on exfoliating keratin. It uses salicylic acid. Generally, we Asians don’t really need it, so I won’t go into details here.

Purple series: The purple series is considered a slightly high-end product. Of course, ceramides are still there. In addition, some peptides are added for anti-aging. Although CeraVe’s anti-aging is not a strong point, these synthetic peptides are still well-known in the industry. In principle, it mainly stimulates the regeneration of collagen, elastin and other cell matrixes and restores skin firmness.

In addition, vitamin A alcohol is also used in the purple essence and day cream, and the effect is still reliable.

Red series: The red series is not common in Nigeria, mainly for symptoms such as itching and tingling caused by sensitive muscles. It is said to be effective in 2 minutes. The thing used is of course not a general ingredient, but an anesthetic, Pramoxine hydrochloride, but don’t be afraid, of course, the US FDA approves this medicinal ingredient to be added to the product. I think it’s relatively straightforward. If you stop itching, you can stop itching and apply the medicine directly, just don’t use it frequently.

In addition to the above series, CeraVe’s moisturizing line also has hand cream and foot cream. It seems that even hands and feet are taken care of together.


In addition to moisturizing lines, repair ointments also have several products, which are even rarer in Nigeria. After all, ointments are usually not used. In fact, the ointment is not mysterious at all. The main active ingredient is petrolatum, that is, petroleum jelly. As an inert ingredient, it is more useful for skin self-repair and isolation of external pollution. In addition, their ointment is also added. Some ingredients such as ceramide will make the effect even more significant.

Personal advice, where can’t buy ointment, clam oil is a kind of ointment, but the skin feels a little uncomfortable, but if it is a child’s skin with chapped or frostbite, this kind of thing is more useful than other expensive skin care products.


Then let’s briefly talk about the baby series.

The main focus of the baby series is fragrance-free and paraben-free preservatives, and the other ingredients are basically the same as their moisturizer. The active ingredient column is silicone oil, so many people who talk about the discoloration of silicone oil can take a break. The FDA recognizes that silicone oil is a good thing and is very important for the protection of infants and young children’s skin. Is there any reason to avoid this ingredient? Including Aveeno’s baby products, all of them use silicone oil.

If your skin is particularly sensitive, you can try CeraVe’s baby series.

The last is the sun protection line.

But I am not interested in sunscreen products in the United States at all. Under the rigid FDA regulations, no matter how powerful formulators can produce good sunscreen products, they are nothing more than pure organic sunscreens that are terribly oily and pure inorganic sunscreens that are terribly white . The skin feel and Asian preferences are really true. It’s a far cry.

No matter how you promote “invisible technology”, “oil-free technology”, and “ultra-light skin feel”, in my opinion, it is not as good as half of the sun.

Let alone talk about it.


So far, I have basically talked about the CeraVe series. For ordinary consumers, several moisturizing products are enough, big bowls are cheap, and the efficacy is not worse than that of Kiehl’s. Conscience companies. Ha ha.

Finally, make a live advertisement of your own, teach you how to choose skin care products, how to read the formula list, and how not to be led by the nose by Internet celebrities.

CeraVe cream for sensitive skin

First of all, this CeraVe Moisturizing Cream helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier function, help restore damaged skin, and maintain skin health. The unique patented MVE delivery technology creates multiple layers of maintenance ingredients, which can increase the hydration of the skin and keep the skin moisturized and shiny all day long. Skin experts participate in research and development, gentle and non-irritating. Contains ceramide, moisturizes and softens the skin, locks in moisture and absorbs nutrients. Moreover, CeraVe is an American cosmeceutical brand. The lotions, creams and cleansing products produced by CeraVe effectively improve the skin’s resistance and self-protection ability, mimic the sebum film, and set up a natural protective layer for the skin.

CeraVe™ moisturizer is an important part of daily skin care routine. Its MVE formulation patent releases ceramide and other important ingredients throughout the day, penetrates deeply into the skin to hydrate and nourish. Try CeraVe™ Moisturizing Cleanser and CeraVe™ Moisturizing Lotion for a complete skin care program.

This C cream contains glycerin, ceramide, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid, but does not contain antioxidants, repairs dry skin, perfectly locks water, does not clog pores, and does not contain fragrance. It feels completely prepared for sensitive skin.

Refreshing cream, very comfortable, can be used as hand cream, winter face cream coat, lip cream. Cerave products are sold very high in the United States because of its simulated sebum film formula, which moisturizes the skin and absorbs it without irritation. It strengthens the skin’s self-protection and does not cause acne. It can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It’s also cheap! Can be used by the whole family!

The cream is a bit thicker than the lotion. MM with dry skin can choose this one. It has a soothing effect on skin allergies, eczema, and dermatitis.

It’s cheap and big cans don’t hurt to wipe your feet!!

Skin: Whiteheads appear on the tip of the nose with semi-mixed dry three quarters a year.

This jar! I bought it when I was traveling in Korea because Olive Young happened to have a discount!!!!! The super big jar was originally intended to be a body lotion, but it was not easy to push away.

A few days ago, I didn’t know why my face had white heads. I cleared my face today and will come out again tomorrow! The nose is inexplicably dry, after washing my face and applying skin care products on my face, I also thought that the blogger said that this brand of sensitive skin can repair the skin barrier. , And then I use Haba toner with this cream!! When the cream is dry, it is difficult to push the face with water for more than three times. The face is moist enough to push it away. After using it continuously for about four or five times, the face is just like before. The place where the oil should be oil also has oil. In short, it is not surprising!

Advantages: Refreshing, odorless and non-sticky. Although it is a cream, it is really not oily and dry. It is just right for the weather at 25 degrees! With a moisturizing water, it should moisturize a little bit. The primer is not enough to moisturize the skin before makeup The non-stick pillows are very, very, very comfortable to use in summer!! Boys should also be suitable for use. A large can can not be wiped after it expires.

That’s right~ cera VE cream, which is nearly a catty, only more than one hundred, which is really cheap and a big bowl. The main ingredient, niacinamide, think about it, is it familiar? Yes! The main ingredient of the sk2 white bulb is also it~ yes yes yes! The above ingredients are not contained in this bottle of product hahahahaha.

But it contains our dry skin mother-in-law ingredient, ceramide. This bottle is a super god product that has obtained the patent of imitation sebum in the United States. I have severely sensitive and dry skin. After using it for a month, the cuticles are repaired very well. It has become a lot whiter and my cheeks are not peeling. The redness is also light. The only drawback is that it is a bit dry. Before using it, I have to use a horse. Use the oil as a primer, and use this cream to cover the horse oil to give a matte effect, and the face will not be as shiny as using horse oil alone. The film formation feels very fast. I will still feel dry and the red blood streaked part if I don’t use horse oil. Now it’s much better after using it for a while.

I bought this cerave cream in a large jar. Although it is a cream, I used it as a lotion. It’s about to be the day to expose the leg and body. In winter, applying oil will always have a cool and sour sensation, so in winter I am very lazy and apply it once every few days, so I only used burte’s bee skin cream last week. Say goodbye.

I don’t know if I don’t apply it. I don’t know if this thing is really easy to use. When I first apply it, I feel that this is a bit thick and a little greasy, but when I apply it, it absorbs very quickly! How do you describe how fast it is, about 30 seconds? Anyway It was very fast. I thought it was because my skin was too dry before, so the skin was severely dehydrated, but I applied it quickly and quickly. And it’s not just fast! This lasts a long time, why? Because when I took a bath the next day, I thought that the moisturizer was not washed off, but it was actually this oil! It was still there! But it was this moisturizer, No fragrance, no taste at all, a little unhappy.

So why? Just went to see the introduction, this brand is regarded as American cosmeceuticals, through the awesome technology, it can simulate the human sebum film to form a protective film on the skin, which can lock the water and the skin’s own nourishing ingredients.

Generally speaking, the curator said that the texture of this C cream is relatively heavy, but there is no greasy feeling on the face, and it feels similar to the matte texture. Milky white paste, don’t know why, smells a bit like…plastic? ? ? But this does not affect the moisturizing effect of C cream.

When applied to the skin, it is pushed away very quickly, and it is not oily or greasy. Compared with the application, the skin is firmer and fuller, and it feels soft and tender.

In fact, this C cream is very suitable for babies with dry skin and sensitive skin in autumn and winter. The effect of moisturizing and moisturizing is very obvious.

One hour after using the C cream, the curator measured that the moisture content of different parts was basically maintained between 45%-50%, and the oil content was also maintained very well, basically between 20% and 30%. It can be seen that the C cream looks like a face cream. In fact, it is still a hydrating artifact, so it seems that it can keep the skin full of water while also locking in moisture in time. Compared with this price, it can be said to be a cost-effective face cream.

On the oil-absorbing paper, it can be seen that there is not a little bit of oil around the C cream. Instead, the oil on both sides of the curator’s nose appears on the oil-absorbing paper. Let’s compare it.

Use: I will drop two drops of Haba squalane beauty oil, or trilogy rosehip oil. Mainly for easy application, in fact, it is easy to apply without adding essence.

Taste: tasteless. The taste of skin care products is very important. You must choose your favorite long-lasting taste when you use it every day. I prefer the tasteless and natural ones. I don’t usually use the ones that are too fragrant and heavy. I always feel that the addition of fragrance is completely unnecessary.

Texture: The texture of cream, but not greasy or heavy.

Absorption: Very good absorption. Can be used in the morning and evening. Apply a little more at night. After massage and absorption, there is a feeling that the skin’s moisture is locked, but there is no heavy blockage. The skin is tender and bright in the morning, and 2/3 of the night is used during the day. Makeup docile.

Moisturizing: First class. I have been using it to renew my life all winter. Besides, it is such a cheap and big bowl, it is the gospel of the student party.