Makeup application these days come in different methods and steps, but the common need of everyone is to end up with the flawless and long lasting makeup. This is easy to achieve with the right products and also following basic steps like we are going to share in this article.

 It really is important to have your face taken care of all the time so makeup can sit on it beautifully. Basic steps are:

  1. MOISTURISE: Moisturisers are used to prevent dryness of the skin.When the skin is too dry it begins to scale and then cracks and ordinarily no one wants that, talk more of when you have makeup on.
  2. PRIMER: Primers make your foundation go on smoother and your makeup last longer. Your pores dissapear and u get a really smooth and silky finish.
  3. FOUNDATION: You can decide on which foundation brand you want from High End to Drugstore e.g Maybelline Fit me Foundation, Revlon, Zaron Healthy Glow. e.t.c Just understand your skin type(oily,combination, or Dry skin) and then also understand foundation types(Medium coverage/Full Coverage).

Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation

Mary Kay TimeWise Foundation

     4. EYELINER: Various eyeliner brands last so long, you will need a good dose of Micellar cleansing water to get it off at night. Brands like mabrook liquid liner, Inglot gel liner, Zaron liquid and gel liner are great long lasting brands.

5.  POWDER: Not too much is required, just a little will do so your face doesn’t look so called up for basic makeup.


  6. BLUSH: One rule of blush is, the darker the color of your skin,the darker the shade. After this you can just snack on your preferred shade of lipstick and set your face with a setting spray.

 Last step is to go out and have a flawless beautiful basic makeup day.


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Sarah is a dermatologist, which makes her pretty trustworthy, she has been a dermatologist for over 10 years, and she’s been guest blogging abour Skin Health and Wellness since 2012. She covers a wide array of skincare topics, from acne to aging, skin cancer to psoriasis, and diet to dry skin. She also evaluates all kinds of skincare treatments, both lab-made and all-natural.

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