Penis Enlargement

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Penis enlargement or thickening is an procedure to thicken the penis. It is required for an adult man, and the general hospital also requires a married man. As usual for penis reconstruction surgery, and reconstruction of the penis is no normal erection and sensory function.


1. Most of the penis is defective, and the length of erection is generally only 3 to 5 cm. According to the routine penis reconstruction operation, the reconstructed penis does not have normal erection and sensory function. If the penis cavernous body extension is used, the superficial and deep ligaments of the penis are cut to the pubic arch, so that the cavernous body buried in front of the pubic symphysis becomes a free part, thereby increasing the effective length of the penis, and then using the inguinal island flap to repair the cavernous body quilt The wound after lengthening. This technique not only extends the penis to a near-normal length, but also has normal erection and sensory functions.

2. For congenital ectopic penile malformations, use penis extension surgery according to the condition to extend and restore the penis.3. When the small penis is erect, its length and circumference are between 5 to 8 cm, and the testis volume is greater than 6 ml, the penis lengthening surgery is performed at the same time as the penis thickening operation , which is conducive to the shape of the penis to be close to normal.4. For penile venous fistula impotence , penile lengthening can often be achieved when the superficial dorsal penile vein is ligated and the penis lengthening is performed.

Thickening methods

Exercise method

The penis is composed of two cavernous bodies of the penis and one cavernous body of the urethra.The cavernous body is composed of many cavernous smooth muscles and cavities. The cavities are actually sinus spaces that communicate with blood vessels. When the cavity is congested, the penis becomes longer, thicker and harder and becomes erect. On the contrary, it becomes shorter, thinner, softer, and shrinks.The length and thickness of the erection of the penis mainly depend on the size and hyperemia of the two cavernous bodies of the penis and one cavernous body of the urethra.

Surgical methods

1. Thickening by autologous fat injectionThe principle of this operation is the same as that of other autologous fat injections. It sucks out your own fat and then injects it into the penis. The self-fat generally used is the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen.Second, free graft thickening surgeryThis is generally recognized as a better way. It is to take dermal fat flaps from certain parts of the body, such as the thorax and abdomen, subgluteal sulcus, etc., and transplant them to the penis to achieve the purpose of thickening.

relevant factor

1. Penis enlargement and genetic factors The penis is the same as other organs in the body, and its size and morphological characteristics are controlled and influenced by genetic genes.

2. Penis enlargement and development and nutritional status. Generally speaking, adult men are physically strong, tall, and their external genitalia, including the penis and scrotum, are also well developed. The penis may be larger, and vice versa, it may be smaller, but it is worth pointing out Yes, the size of the penis is not directly proportional to the height . It is common to see some men whose height is less than 1.60 meters, whose penis can reach more than 18 cm when erect.

3. There is also some relationship between penis enlargement and obesity. Some men with plump and prominent lower abdomen, pubic symphysis , and perineum tend to have poor penis development and are relatively shorter than normal men. Indeed, compared with a hypertrophied body, this short penis may bring certain difficulties and unsatisfactory sexual life after marriage.

4. Penis enlargement is also related to other aspects, such as endocrine disorders , insufficient male hormone levels, penile retraction caused by swelling of the penis or scrotum , etc., which may cause the penis to become short .

Postoperative recovery

Autologous fat injection can be performed in an outpatient clinic. There may be fluid in the liposuction site 3 days after the operation, and the dressing needs to be changed.

Thicken your diet

6 grams of wolfberry, 1 gram of Nan-Lu-Ginseng, eat it together.

Surgical approach

Every normal man doesn’t want penile dysplasia. An abnormal penis with dysplasia, shortness, or partial defects will cause great distress to the patient and his family. Therefore, the patient will try to make up for this defect. So what are the methods of penis thickening?1. Use an artificial penis, which means implanting a hard object in the penis. The disadvantage of this method is that the operation time is long, the scope of the operation is large, the operation cost is high, and the artificial penis needs to be replaced when it fails to age.

2. The treatment method using penile injection is to inject some medicaments that activate blood vessels into the corpus cavernosum of the penis with a syringe. After a few minutes, the penis will become erect and last for about an hour. The short-term side effects of this method are that the patient feels pain, the injection site may be inflamed, the patient’s blood pressure changes, and sometimes the erection lasts for a long time and is accompanied by pain.

3. The treatment can be achieved through a vacuum aspirator. This kind of aspirator has different styles and slightly different operating methods. The basic steps are as follows, put the soft penis into the pressure hose for about 7 to 20 minutes; the suction device creates vacuum pressure, blood flows into the penis, and the penis becomes hard; put the rubber root on the root of the erect penis; remove the pressure hose. The side effect of this method is that it may cause the patient to have difficulty ejaculating , and make the patient feel constant pain, leading to damage to the penis.