Should boys be circumcised?

It’s a holiday, should the boys be circumcised? It’s not too late to make a decision after reading this

The summer of the beasts has begun, and the annual “foreskin season” reappears.

Parents should not only where to go for the holiday play, which reported interest classes a lot of trouble, but also tangled family animal shame foreskin small cut in the end not cut?

In fact, on the topic of “cutting”, many parents recently left a message in the background asking: I heard that if you can slap the foreskin of a beast, you don’t need to be hit? is this real?

Today please Hunan Taihe Hospital of Urology Director Ma Nan as explain in detail!

What is foreskin?

The foreskin is a part of the male sexual organs (shame ~), which protects the genitals and urethra.

Some people say that it’s like Tintin puts on a fur coat.

As for the foreskin of little boys, there are generally three states: normal foreskin, overly long foreskin, and phimosis

What is an overly long foreskin?

The foreskin is long and covers the glans of the penis. The whole glans of the penis can be easily exposed when the penis is erect or when the foreskin is turned up by hand, without a narrow ring in the middle.

What is phimosis?

The foreskin is long and the outer mouth of the foreskin is narrow. The foreskin cannot be turned over to reveal all the head of the penis, and it wraps the whole body of Tintin tightly.

Simply put, what can be turned out is that the foreskin is too long, and what cannot be turned out is phimosis.

What are the hazards of long foreskin or phimosis?

If the foreskin is too long or phimosis, the coronal sulcus is easy to hide dirt and dirt, leading to foreskin balanitis, foreskin pain, redness, itching and other discomforts, easy to cause urinary tract infection and penile cellulitis, etc., repeated attacks can easily lead to external urethral opening Stenosis may affect the function of the bladder and kidneys in the long term, and even cause cancer. Some children with enuresis may be caused by foreskin problems.

Is it necessary to have surgery if the foreskin is too long and phimosis?

It depends! ! !

After all, almost every child will escape the fate of the boys phimosis, which is very normal physiological phenomenon .

With the development of the body, the foreskin will naturally shrink, and the Tintin head will gradually be exposed.

Generally speaking, after three or four years of age, most phimosis can heal on its own .

These situations should be cut, don’t hesitate!

●True (pathological) phimosis after 3 years of age;

●The foreskin is too long, and the growth part exceeds one-third of the penis body;

●Phimosis patients with foreskin incarceration;

●Difficulty urinating, the urine line is very thin;

●Over 6 years old, the foreskin is still severely narrow and cannot be turned up;

●Recurrent urinary tract infections or dermatitis, etc.

This situation must not be cut off!

Concealed penis refers to a kind of congenital penile dysplasia. In these patients, the penile body is shrunk and hidden in the body, and only the pointed small foreskin protrudes outside.

Some scholars also call it buried penis .

It is common in obese children, mainly due to abnormal development of the penis’s sarcoid.

So, how do we determine whether our sacred beast is a concealed penis?

1. When pressing abdominal fat, the body of the penis is not obviously exposed or the exposed penis is short, and the foreskin is like a minaret;

2. Only when pressing both sides of the penis, the body of the penis can be clearly revealed;

3. When relaxed, the penile body retracts again, and only the foreskin is exposed.

Patients who are diagnosed with concealed penis must not simply have their foreskin removed, and must go to the urology department of a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Some children need plastic surgery! Effectively lose weight before and after surgery to achieve the best results!

What are the surgical methods?

There are currently three main surgical methods for foreskin:

1. Traditional surgery , also known as “circumcision surgery”, uses absorbable sutures for suture after circumcision.

The advantage is that there is no need to remove the stitches and the hemostasis is reliable, but the disadvantage is that it takes a long time .

2. Snare circumcision , using plastic material circumcision for circumcision .

The advantage is that the incision is relatively neat and the operation time is short, but the disadvantage is that sometimes it takes a long time to decirculate .

3. Stapler circumcision , similar to the principle of stapler, staples the circumcision.

The advantages are simple operation, greatly shortened operation time, less intraoperative bleeding, neat circumcision margin, significantly reduced postoperative scars, and satisfactory surgical appearance .

The staples can fall off automatically, usually one week after the operation, and it takes about one month to completely fall off .

It is currently the surgical method recommended by major medical institutions!

In clinical practice, the specific choice of surgical method depends on the child’s specific situation and the advice of a professional doctor.


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