What is cause of itching in male private parts ?

Women are prone to gynecological diseases, and men also have troubles and worry about reproductive diseases. Women love hygiene and pay attention to private part care. In contrast, men are more careless and pay less attention to private parts.

Men suffering from reproductive health diseases can easily be transmitted to women through married life, so any abnormal symptoms should not be ignored. That male private parts itch is how is it ? How to prevent it?

1. Suffering from scrotal eczema

Damp scrotum is one of the common reproductive diseases in men. Its main symptoms include skin swelling, flushing, exudation, and falling debris.

Solution: Go to the hospital for treatment in time to prevent the condition from getting worse.

2. Suffering from foreskinitis

The foreskin is too long in most men. In this case, some dirt is prone to appear between the glans and the foreskin, such as dirt on the foreskin, sweat, and shed epithelial cells. Because the human body has a high temperature, it is easy to breed bacteria. Once the bacteria invades, it is easy to cause inflammation, and then the symptoms of itching.

Solution: Wash the private parts frequently, and wash them in time after sex. Do foreskin surgery as soon as possible.

3. Suffering from contact dermatitis

Allergies are not only found in women, but also in men. Generally, men who are prone to allergies are prone to itching on their skin when wearing underwear made of chemical fiber materials. In addition, sweat soaks the skin, which can lead to contact dermatitis. In addition, some men may also cause contact dermatitis due to allergies when using rubber condoms.

Solution: Try to avoid contact with underwear and condoms that are allergic to the skin. Even if you find allergies, treat them


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