Why women must not ignore “belly ache”

“Doctor, my stomach hurts.”

Xiao Hong (a pseudonym), who is only 18 years old, clutched her belly,

Push open the door of the outpatient clinic.

“It’s been painful since yesterday afternoon,

It hurts more today,

Did I have a bad stomach? “

After Xiao Hong described her condition,

The doctor arranged for her a color Doppler ultrasound and urine HCG examination.

Xiaohong frowned when she looked at the inspection item:

“Doctor, did you make a mistake?

I just have a stomachache, why do I have a pregnancy check? “

Xiaohong didn’t understand,

And said that he had taken contraceptive measures in his recent sex life,

It is impossible to get pregnant.

The doctor patiently explained to Xiao Hong,

There is no way to achieve 100% contraception,

Xiao Hong’s symptoms are acute lower abdominal pain,

First of all, it is necessary to check whether it is ectopic pregnancy bleeding.

Even patients who have been confirmed to be pregnant,

Sometimes a blood HCG test is also needed,

Determine whether there is an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

After listening to the doctor’s explanation,

Xiaohong was accompanied by her boyfriend for an examination.

The test results made her pale:

Urine HCG positive!

A mixed mass is seen on the right ovary-ectopic pregnancy!

“how so?

Doctor, what should I do

I’m still young! “

Xiao Hong cried and red eyes,

The doctor calmed her emotions,

An operation was arranged for her.

Xiao Hong was diagnosed as having an ovarian pregnancy during the operation.

No major bleeding,

The operation went very smoothly.

The doctor learned after the operation,

The contraceptive measures Xiaohong said,

It is an oral emergency contraceptive after the end of sex life!

After hearing this, the doctor told her solemnly:

Any kind of contraception

Not reach 100% contraception

If Xiaohong didn’t seek medical attention in time this time

An ectopic pregnancy can be deadly! ! !

Precautions after abortion surgery

1. Painless abortion should be observed for 2 hours after the operation, pay attention to vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, if there is no response, you can go home.

2. Painless people need to rest for 2 weeks, and prevent colds and colds, eat more nutritious food, so that the body can return to normal as soon as possible.

3. In terms of diet, attention should be paid to nutrition matching to ensure protein intake. Eat more vegetables and fruits, but eat less raw, cold, and hard foods to avoid irritating the intestines and causing indigestion.

4. Psychological recovery. After the painless abortion operation, women will have a series of mental symptoms such as depression, depression, crying, irritability, and insomnia. This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body before and after pregnancy, and most people will recover without treatment. However, nursing care after surgery also plays an important role in the recovery of women’s body and mind as soon as possible.

Women’s bodies are relatively fragile, so when there is no need for childbirth, contraceptive measures must be taken for sex. If you get pregnant by accident, you should also seek medical attention as soon as possible and take corresponding measures at the correct time to avoid further harm in the future.


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