5 Causes of itching of the penis

Male penis presents intractable itching at various times, and they can’t help but scratch it with their hands. Not to mention such unsightly behavior, the itching sensation can also make male friends restless, severely affecting normal days and homework. What is going on in men with penile itching?

According to a physician from Wenzhou Jianguo Hospital: In general, male circumcision, sexual diseases, inflammation, eczema and other factors may constitute penile pruritus. Therefore, broad male friends should pay attention to penile pruritus. Timely treatment is a better way to deal with penile pruritus.

Itching of male penis: many “culprits”

The symptoms of penile itching in men may be caused by a variety of reasons, and most of these reasons are physical diseases. Therefore, male friends should be alert to the progress of penile itching and do not wait for any disease to move. The following are the “culprits” that most likely constitute penile itching:

1. Scrotal eczema

Severe itching of the penis, the skin of the scrotum may thicken after scratching, lichenification, etc. The other primary manifestations are flushing, swelling of the skin of the scrotum or accompanying exudate and desquamation.

2. The foreskin is too long or phimosis

An overly long foreskin will simply contain smegma, and the accumulation of smegma will simply constitute the itching of the penis.

3. Acute superficial balanitis

It may be the cause of penile itching, some of which can be manifested as edematous erythema, ulceration, exudation and even bleeding. If a secondary bacterial infection occurs, it can become purulent and form an ulcer surface.

4. Pubic lice

Pubic lice have special hook-shaped giant claws, which are attached to the skin around the pubic hair area and the hair around the anus. The bite and the influence of salivary toxins can cause some skin itching, folliculitis and eczema-like changes.

5. Acute epididymitis

Acute epididymitis can also cause itching of the penis. Patients and friends need to pay attention to acute epididymitis. Don’t go on sexual days, otherwise it will aggravate the swelling of the epididymis, leading to increased inflammation, and the itching of the penis will not be relieved.

Itching of male penis: urgent treatment!

Penis itching, many men think it’s a trivial matter, so they don’t pay attention to it, and feel that forbearance will pass. This kind of opinion is wrong. There are so many causes of penile itching, and it will not be cured for a long time. Only one result is needed, and that is what constitutes the disease. Deterioration, the condition becomes more severe, so when symptoms of penile itching occur, the doctor recommends that male friends go to a good hospital for treatment in time.


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