7 ways to make men’s penis enlarge and thicken

Men often due to the penis short little feel low self-esteem, sex life and have lost interest, this happiness in the home is a big shock. In fact, the shortness of the male penis is often caused by one’s own psychological reasons. The following Chinese medicine professionals will introduce a secret method to make the male penis enlarge and thicken.

  7 ways to make men’s penis enlarge and thicken

  1. Strengthen organ function and sex hormone secretion: Use squatting to exercise waist strength and pelvic muscles.

  2. In order not to reduce sexual function, it is best to sleep naked at night, let the younger brother breathe fresh air, and cool the pouch to enhance the testicular function.

  3. The most basic thing is to lose weight and exercise more, especially the leg muscles.

  4. After dinner, take a walk for five thousand steps in the park, which can break down blood sugar and calm sympathetic nerves.

  5. Masturbation exercise method: Strongly stimulating and one-stop ejaculation can not achieve the purpose of exercise. It should be clenched, relaxed, clenched, etc., repeatedly pressing the penis, this action can activate the nerves and blood vessels in it. In addition, when performing up and down masturbation, if you feel you are about to ejaculate, you should stop immediately, hold the root of the penis with your hands, then stop, continue, stop again, and repeat the procedure several times.

  6. Use self-awareness to strengthen the specialized erectile parasympathetic nerve: After defecation, close your eyes first, let go of the strength of your shoulders, and then let go of the strength from head to toe, half-close your mouth, relax the facial muscles, and repeat for a short time The slow belly showed breathing, lasting thirty seconds.

  7. Strengthen the penis response, practice the penis to twitch up and down freely: When you have an erection in the morning, before going to the toilet to urinate, use your fingers to lightly press the first third of the penis, press the penis down, so that the penis will be close to an erect state. Then put your fingertips on the penis and feel its reaction, while closing the anus tightly, while pushing the penis up. Repeat this action for about one minute.


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