How to make your penis enlarge

Every man wants to have a big and long penis. When many men go to the toilet, they often see other people’s penis and compare it with their own penis. If they are not as good as others, it is very Envy, it has become a man’s wish to enlarge the penis. In fact, there are many ways in life that can increase the penis.

  Men want to enlarge their penis, just like women want their breasts to grow bigger and bigger. These are the private parts of men and women. In fact, every man wants to have a penis that is bigger than others, but for those who are more It is a headache for short men. How to make the penis enlarge, in fact, there are many ways, let’s take a look.

  Diet therapy is our common method. Some animal foods contain some sex hormones, which are beneficial to increase libido and semen and sperm production. It is recommended that men should eat more. We recommend that you can eat chicken, fish, lean meat, duck, Eggs and other foods are all foods with high protein content, which can provide various amino acids needed for human sperm production, which is good for men’s bodies.

  Exercise is also very important. We can also use some compulsory stretching methods, appropriate stretching and compression stimulation, which can stimulate the penis’s self-regulation function and achieve growth, but we must pay attention to hygiene. In addition, the human body is a whole, local changes will affect the whole body, and overall changes will also change the local. Therefore, it is recommended that you usually do more physical exercises to enhance physical fitness and improve physical resilience, so as to achieve the chain growth effect of the penis.

  It can also be achieved by surgery, which can be achieved by resection of the suspensory ligament. After removing the suspensory ligament of the penis, let the tissue hidden under the pubic bone and the penis fixed by the suspensory ligament be exposed to extend the penis. Penis pedicle skin flap transplantation can also achieve the effect of increasing the penis. It uses skin tissue taken from itself, removes the epidermis, preserves the dermis and fat, and transplants it to the penis to achieve the purpose of thickening the penis.

  There are many ways to enlarge the male penis. The above are the ones we introduced. We can use dietary conditioning, exercise and fitness, and surgery. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We can also stroke the penis frequently and preheat it with a hot pack. The method, often rubbing in the lower abdomen, can make the penis enlarge, but you must choose the method that suits you.


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