For men with too long foreskins, women also have opinions!

Many men think that Ding Ding is hard and durable enough

It doesn’t matter if the foreskin is long or not

Why don’t you think about it

Although she likes long-lasting and strong

But I also like Ding Ding without a coat!

Let’s take a look at some women’s comments on “foreskin too long”.

Netizen 1:

The boyfriend’s Ding Ding looks ugly and has a very long foreskin, especially when it is cold, the glans is completely retracted into the foreskin, and the small tuft can’t be seen without turning on the light…every time I see it, I lose my desire.

Netizen 2:

During the period of pregnancy, we did not wear condoms when we were married. In the next few days, I felt itchy vulva, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Later, when the smell appeared below, I became worried. I went to the hospital and found that I had vaginitis. At that time, I was puzzled. I always pay attention to personal hygiene. Have gynecological diseases. After talking to the doctor about the life of the husband and wife, the doctor told me that gynecological diseases are not only caused by women. If the foreskin is too long, smegma will stimulate the foreskin balanitis. In addition, we don’t wear a condom when we live as a couple, and inflammation. Infect me directly.

After reading these, as a man, especially if you have a long foreskin/phimosis, do you feel embarrassing?

In fact, the overlength of the male foreskin is no longer a unilateral problem. While causing troubles for men, it also causes great harm to women and causes strong dissatisfaction among women.

1. Ding Ding is too young to have an orgasm

(53% of women bluntly said that they had no orgasm because of their boyfriend’s foreskin)

Foreskin is too long and phimosis affects the growth and development of Dingding. In puberty, Ding Ding head is tightly wrapped by the foreskin, and the development of Ding Ding head is greatly restricted , resulting in short and small development of Ding Ding.

2. Discord in married life

(56% of women expressed dissatisfaction with their counterparts for premature ejaculation)

As the glans mucosa is usually hidden under the foreskin, it usually receives less friction and irritation, which makes the glans mucosa too sensitive to nerves, which can easily cause premature ejaculation and affect the lives of couples. At the same time, repeated inflammation of the foreskin can easily lead to adhesion of the glans and foreskin, restricting Tintin’s erection, and causing pain in the married life. It will not only cause the disharmony of the married life between husband and wife, but also cause psychogenic sexual dysfunction.

3. Lead to frequent gynecological diseases

(75.9% of women repeatedly contract gynecological diseases due to the other party’s foreskin)

If the foreskin is too long, the phimosis has not been treated for a long time, and the bacteria in the foreskin cavity ascends infection, which can also cause cystitis, pyelonephritis and inflammation of the prostate. The inflammation is transmitted to the wife through the life of the couple , leading to frequent gynecological diseases.

4. There is a peculiar smell that affects the taste

(More than 62% of women hate each other’s smegma and peculiar smell)

If the foreskin is too long, the phimosis will secrete a white secretion called smegma. At the same time, the urine will also penetrate into this gap and react chemically with these sebum, which is extremely smelly and seriously affects the life of the couple. At the same time, smegma is a chemical carcinogen, which is very harmful to the health of both men and women.

A man with a long foreskin and phimosis is only one step away from perfect sexual happiness. One “circumcision” will make you feel comfortable in your life!


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