Managing oily skin can be very difficult. its an issue for most people, especially makeup lovers. Most times, their makeup becomes very oily not more than 30mins after application. So this is a quick guide on makeup products that you need to control oil and keep your makeup in place.

OIL-FREE MOISTURIZER: Most people with oily skin tend to avoid using moisturizer because they assume it will make their skin even more oily. A great water based/oil free moisturizer is essential to your makeup routine because it will give your skin the amount of hydration it needs without clogging your pores.

MATTIFYING PRIMER: A mattifying primer minimizes the appearance of pores,extends the wear of your makeup and reduces the appearance of shine. Make sure u to pat onto your skin focusing on the t-zone and any other areas where you know is always oily/shiny.

OIL-FREE MATTE FOUNDATION: A mattifying, long wearing foundation is ideal for oily skin because it dries down to a matte finish, stays in place and tends to last much longer than other formulas.

TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER: Translucent setting powders are great for setting your foundation/concealer, controlling shine and giving your skin-work a matte finish.Apply with a makeup sponge or a small powder brush to your T-zone and brush off any excess product.

MAKEUP FIXING SPRAY: These are mostly alcohol based and they are formulated to seal and prolong your makeup by making it slide proof. it holds your makeup in place, helping it really last longer.

OIL BLOTTING POWDERS: Blotting powders are silicon based powders that are used to absorb shine. They are especially  great for doing any touch-ups because they don’t add any texture to the skin. just use a large powder brush to sweep all over the face during touch ups.

OIL BLOTTING PAPERS: Blotting papers are an all time favorite for quick touch ups. They are designed to absorb the oil on the skins surface without shifting the makeup. They can also be used to absorb shine from a creamy lipstick to give a matte finish.


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