Kidney stone pain, 3 ways to quickly relieve the pain!

When it comes to kidney stones, I believe most of the first reaction is “pain”! According to many people’s accounts, sudden kidney stone pain is comparable to “pain during childbirth”, and the onset of kidney stones is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and a lot of sweating, which is unbearable. But how to quickly relieve the pain when encountering sudden kidney stones?

Method one refers to tenderness points : by using the right thumb to press the tenderness points on the patient’s back, the meridian conduction is used to relieve the pain of kidney stones.

Method 2 Injection pain relief : Arrange the patient to go to a nearby hospital for pain relief injections to temporarily relieve pain.

Method three medicine pain relief : by taking some antispasmodic and pain relief medicines, so as to temporarily relieve the pain.

Of course, the above three methods are only emergency measures in case of emergencies, and cannot fundamentally solve the hidden danger of kidney stones. If you want a fundamental solution once and for all, you still have to prescribe the right medicine to treat kidney stones.

Don’t underestimate this little stone, it hurts terribly and can cause damage to your body.

Cause urinary tract obstruction

Stones block the passage of urine, resulting in inability to urinate, and hydronephrosis, which can lead to renal tubule degeneration and necrosis. In severe cases, it can lead to decreased renal function or even complete failure.

Renal Failure

Hydronephrosis can cause infection and cause uremia, which is life-threatening.

Cause local damage

Large and fixed kidney stones can cause renal calyx and renal pelvic epithelial cells to fall off, causing ulcers, fibrous tissue hyperplasia, neutrophil and lymphocyte infiltration, etc., and even fibrosis.

In order to help you better distinguish, I have compiled some common symptoms of kidney stones for you.

Low back pain

Dummy pain, swelling pain, or dull pain in the back and waist


Hematuria is a common symptom when a stone pierces the ureter or irritates the kidney tissue.

Urinary tract irritation

Mainly manifested as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria

Recurring urinary tract infections

Many of my friends are afraid of surgery after discovering that they have kidney stones, thinking of relying on other ways to speed up the discharge of the stones…Return


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