The penis is really an amazing body part!

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Sometimes when I think about it, I can’t help but sigh–

The penis is really an amazing body part.

Few organs have such a high sensitivity like the penis.

It can quickly reflect the physical and mental state of the person involved, especially the state of the relationship with oneself, with the environment, and with others.

It sends out very important life messages in a “non-cooperative” way, helping us to discover and integrate our body and mind.


If the penis strikes, there may be a problem with the body

When there is a problem with the body, the penis will tell us. It is like a serious “medical examiner.” When there is a problem with the reproductive system, nervous system, endocrine system, or circulatory system, it will respond immediately. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, etc. will cause erectile difficulties. At this time, the “strike” of the penis is a signal that requires rescue. You should go to the hospital for a professional examination in time, analyze the cause of the disease, and carry out targeted treatment in time.

Don’t delay because of the “face” problem, and just turn the “psychological” into the degree of “organic disease”.

Many men ask why our sexual ability is getting weaker and weaker? That’s because our body is now in a state of “overwhelmed”——

High-intensity desk work, sitting for a long time;

Large intake of high-sugar foods and drinks;

Severe lack of sleep;

The extreme lack of exercise and so on.

Human energy distribution is hierarchical. When a person lacks energy, he will be given priority to organizations and systems that guarantee the normal operation of life. For example, breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation, etc. Among the levels of energy distribution, sex, the function of reproduction and entertainment, is backward. Therefore, a person with insufficient energy and physically overloaded work usually has low libido, difficulty in erection and short time.

At this moment, the “non-cooperation” of the penis is a useful signal, and it is the body’s self-protection for “energy saving”.

Also remind the parties: cherish the body.


If I am born underdeveloped, please don’t give up on me

The penis also has its own self-esteem. Not every penis can grow to the normal size as expected. Some penis is short and thin. During sex, not only is he rejected by the other party, but also his body wants to give up. When there are emotions such as anxiety, fear and shame, When it strikes, these penises will strike immediately, and the situation is full.

In fact, short male penises are also very common, and nothing hits men more than if their private parts are too small. Instead of falling into a short penis inferiority complex, it is better to find a way to change. Women can do breast augmentation, plastic surgery, and even private repair plastic surgery for beauty. Why can’t men do private plastic surgery to get bigger?

Take medicine, exercise, massage, etc.,

There is no scientific basis to show that the penis can be thickened and extended,


Through private plastic surgery for men, the penis can be lengthened or thickened.

As men, you should always thank you for your penis.

Learn to touch it gently, clean it, and talk to it.

Thank it for helping you-

Seeing my own fragility, I urged to take care of myself.

Feeling the inner need, I consciously choose the life I want.

Pay attention to the state of intimacy and increase the intimacy between yourself and your partner.

It really helped men a lot.

Believe in the sound of the penis instead of blaming it, treat it harshly.

Learn to take care of the penis and take it to metamorphosis,

Take care of your penis before you can take care of yourself.

It is often said that the vagina is a channel leading to a woman’s heart.

But I believe:

The penis is also the gateway to the man’s soul


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