What should I do if I have diabetes? Can diabetes be treated?

I believe that many friends are surrounded by diabetic patients, and they often visit friends who have diabetes, and even their relatives. They also pay more attention to some diabetes-related matters. It is just why friends who have diabetes have been sick for two years. It didn’t get better, or one day it suddenly worsened, but they didn’t hear their friends say that their disease was better. Therefore, many people have some concerns in their hearts. They want to know whether diabetes and other diseases can be cured. So let’s talk about this issue below.

Can diabetes be cured?

Diabetes is mainly type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 can also be called insulin glargine. Because of its deficiency, it is actually incurable, and the condition can only be manipulated according to the injection of insulin.

And type 2 diabetes will have many names, generally called hyperinsulinemia type, most doctors call it that way, because in fact, in a nutshell, type 2 diabetes can be said to be called hyperinsulinemia. It is called a disease group with high blood sugar as the basic clinical symptoms. The key is that there are more types of diabetes, and the onset of diabetes may be very painful. If you see the onset of subacute disease, you can treat it immediately. It is not taken seriously, and the patient may die within a dozen hours.

In fact, many type 2 diabetes are currently in semi-occult conditions, semi-occult conditions, to put it simply, in other words, although the blood sugar level will be high, it may also be caused by other diseases. Just observe carefully. It can be found that when most people with diabetes get sick, they will be accompanied by high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and heart disease. In fact, in some processes, this disease is the most difficult to deal with, because this disease has already been It’s hard to heal.

Lowering blood sugar is actually one aspect of this, but if you want to treat diabetes, you need to treat the rest of the diseases together. This is also a level that diabetes is not easy to treat, because things like high blood pressure can only be gradually based on oneself. The nursed back, and the process is also very long, not to say that one or two years can be good, nor is it good, it is not easy to repeat.

Many medicines are often advertised on TV. Which medicines are effective in curing the disease. This medicine must be fake. In fact, if relevant parties are concerned, most of the current medicines on the market are ordinary medicines. For some medicines, they say they are a combination of Chinese and Western medicines, but they are actually mixed with some medicines in Chinese medicinal materials.

Can diabetes be cured? Traditional Medicine reminds everyone that if you want to treat diabetes, you must be guided by your own manipulation, supplemented by medicines, eat small meals and eat more, plus appropriate fitness exercises. Some of them eat apples. That kind of gradual recuperation is the most effective. Listening to the advertising on TV is always no matter what it is. It is best to follow the doctor’s suggestion. If there is uncertainty, you need to ask the attending physician, some of which are online in the process. The materials found are not necessarily reasonable.


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