Famous diabetes treatment: how much do you know about diabetes?

Is it a “sugar master”? 

What do you know about diabetes? 

The following are five questions from the Diabetes Experts.

How many questions do you know? 

1. How to determine if you have diabetes?

A. There are problems with eating too much, drinking too much, urinating too much, and obesity.

B. Go to the hospital for an examination, and the blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin are beyond the standard.

C. Test your blood sugar by yourself or go to a pharmacy. If you exceed the limit, you are sick.

2. Does diabetes have a big impact?

A. The effect is small, just high blood sugar.

B. The effect is not big, so you can’t just eat fat or drink alcohol.

C. The impact is great. Diabetes must be treated and controlled in time, otherwise it is easy to cause more than 100 complications.

3. Does diabetes affect life span?

A. Definitely, it is a chronic disease and tortures people!

B. Sure, I don’t eat well, drink badly, and I’m not in a good mood.

C. Not necessarily. If it is found early, blood sugar is well controlled, and there are no serious complications, the impact is not significant.

4. Regarding the complications of diabetes, which one is right?

A. Only chronic complications are worthy of vigilance.

B. Be wary of acute complications, because the onset is rapid and the mortality rate is also high.

C. Complications will take a long time to appear, so don’t worry too much.

5. Which one is right about the impact of diabetes on life?

A. You can’t exercise if you have diabetes.

B. Suffering from diabetes, I can’t eat casually.

C. It doesn’t have much effect. It doesn’t matter if you eat more and less, but you need to measure your blood sugar regularly.


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